Frequently asked questions

Our headcount changed. What now?

For monthly plans, you'll move to new pricing (up or down) at the beginning of the next month. For annual plans, you'll either pay in or receive a refund of the pro-rated difference. Our billing is always simple, transparent and fair. We'll do right by you.

How long is the free trial?

We provide a 14 day free trial, allowing you to get a feel for the platform.

Can you help us run payroll if we run into problems?

Our support team is on standby to help you with any problems, technical or otherwise. We're here to make your payroll process the smoothest it can be.

Can KarbonPay submit our local taxes?

In some countries, payroll tax submission is integrated and automated. In other cases, a manual submission is necessary. KarbonPay can take ownership of local tax submission for you as a plan add-on.