About Our Studio

Anais Belly Dance & Fusions is Jacksonville, Florida's only Belly Dance Studio but we are not the only belly dance enthusiasts! As a studio, we feel a responsibility to set a trend and raise the bar for the belly dance community here in Jacksonville. We strive to bring you amazing talent and teachers so that you can expand your knowledge and learn from the best. We want our North Florida community to strive to become talented, well rounded dancers.

Our dance studio officially opened its doors November of 2010. We have been teaching hundreds of classes and getting many students who learn to share their passion for belly dance with us. We want to continue exposing our students and belly dance aficionados to other great teachers and to step outside of Jacksonville's boundaries and learn from some of the best. 


Anais Fatale

Anais Fatale has an immense passion for belly dance and would like to share it with the world. Once she discovered belly dance, she fell in love with it instantly. She started to evolve her dance and is constantly learning new techniques, styles, and props. She continues to learn by taking and attending numerous workshops and training with top belly dancers from around the world.

She has been teaching dance for over 10 years and has watched many students grow from beginners to professionals! You can see her featured on Season 2 of Project Belly Dance (a web reality show to find America's Next Top Belly Dancer). Anais recently participated in Belly Dance Evolution, a theatrical belly dance production by Jillina.

Anais is also the creator of Shimmy Chic Fitness, a belly dance fitness workout and instructor training. She has a passion for sharing her knowledge, and a patience for educating. Anais teaches students from the beginner to advanced level. As an entertainer Anais has performed in countless venues across the nation and will amaze any crowd!


Lacy Alexandra

Mindful Motion Yoga RYT200 in 2014 Shimmy Chic Certified in 2014 Jacksonville, FL Lacy Alexandra fell in love with belly dance after taking her first class in 2005. She has since trained with many of the world’s top belly dance instructors in several different styles, perfecting her technique along the way. Lacy has a great passion for teaching and for performing. This is because she gets to share her love of this beautiful art form and all it’s benefits with many people. Lacy has a background in massage and bodywork therapies and Pilates and currently holds certifications in Yoga (RYT200hr) and Shimmy Chic Fitness. As a professional belly dancer, Lacy has participated in several dance competitions in and around Florida, winning two 1st place awards as a member of her troupe Hipfinity in 2011. She specializes in Egyptian, Oriental, Cabaret and Fusion styles of belly dance and enjoys dancing with the many props that have become popular in modern belly dance performance. In addition to teaching a full schedule of belly dance and fitness classes during the week, she regularly performs on the weekends at local middle eastern establishments, themed parties, weddings, and charity/fundraiser events. “So many women are discovering this dance and its culture and all the benefits it has to offer. I am incredibly grateful that I get to share my experience with them and do what I love!”


Brielle Behira

Brielle began her belly dance training in 2009. With a background in performance theatre as a Douglas Anderson School of the Arts graduate. Brielle evolved into a belly dance entertainer. Brielle performs at many venues in Jacksonville Fl. With her passionate interest in culture, ethnic dance became her specialty. Especially the ancient art form of belly dance. She has the desire to be a positive cultural influence, working to inspire and empower. Brielle is constantly learning new techniques, and fusing different styles of ethnic dance to attract a variety of audiences! "I adore being a part of the positive cultural influences in Jacksonville. The blessing of fun, excitement, and culture; the arousal of empowerment and inspiration is something everyone should experience."


Yana Maxwell

Yana has started her teaching career back in high school where she helped her mother - school dance collective director choreograph different routines! Since then she brought her passion into college, where she was obtaining her bachelor degree; while there she continued teaching dance and created her own troupe! Since Yana’s early childhood she has been trained in different dance styles and acquired different teaching methods! When she moved to the US in 2005 she was already a seasoned teacher with her own unique teaching methodology!

Yana’s Bellydance classes are always fun and easy going but yet challenging! She believes in growth of her students and always pushes them to the next level! Yana’s teaching style is not only focused on the fundamental technique that is essential to any dance forms but also on the emotionality and self expression behind every movement! Where she believes the true power of every performer lies!”

Yana has taught at Orlando Bellydance for 10 years, and now continues to teach at the newly formed World Dance Orlando school, which she and two other former Orlando Bellydance teachers established in 2018! Yana is also a founder of Daytona Beach Bellydance where she has been teaching since 2009!

Learn more about Yana here.



Karina is a multi-award-winning dancer, instructor, and, choreographer based in North Central Florida

With almost a decade of experience, Karina is constantly continuing her dance education by being a student first, teacher second. She believes that no matter your level, there is always something you can learn.

She has been trained in many genres of dance under the instruction of masters such as Carolena Nericcio, Rachel Brice, Zoe Jakes, Aziza, Karin Jensen, Donna Mejia, Silvia Salamanca, and, Jillina Carlano to name a few.

Her main priority when teaching is to focus on proper technique, versatility, creativity, rhythm, and discipline.

In 2017 she received her ATS ® General Skills Classic certification under the direction of Carolena Nericcio.


Najmah Nour

Najmah Nour is a dancer specializing in Middle Eastern dances, as well as her signature Flamenco-Árabe fusion style. Najmah’s soft yet dynamic stage presence and her unique teaching style has given  her the ability to draw in audiences and students from all over. She is currently living in Gainesville Florida, where she co-created Gainesville Raqs, which hosts  teachers specializing in Middle Eastern and Spanish dances to North Central Florida.



Catherine began her classical training at the age of eight in Georgia where she studied the Royal Academy Method of dance. She moved to Jacksonville at the age of twelve and expanded her training to include jazz and contemporary. Growing up Catherine performed in several productions of the Nutcracker as well as being a member of the Ballet Guild of Jacksonville. In 1988 Catherine won the title of Miss Dance of Florida where she went on to compete for Miss Dance of America under the Dance Masters Convention. 

She began teaching at Nancy Dance Studio in 1990 and then moved to the Performing Arts Center of Baymeadows where she taught till it closed in 1997.